The published data on this website, reflect my personal view, respectively to the state of my knowledge. Please take notice, that my view by identification and classification of some taxa underlies perhaps a revision.

The fundamental source for this homepage is the latest synopsis of the genus Kalanchoe from

    Descoings, B. in Eggli, U. (Ed.)

    Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Crassulaceae (German Edition), page 147-188 (2003)

For descriptions, synonyms, distributions- and type-information's as well as notices to many species, you are asked to consult the cited book.


List of species

The listed species are mostly identical with the accepted species in the Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants. 

Additional to those species, is a small quantity of plants that are widely known in cultivation and easy to determine. Parts of those names are given in the cited work as (partly provisionally) synonyms.


Place of publication

To all taxons are given the place of the first publication, by new combination together with the respectively basionym. Respectively to the use in botanical works, the indicated pages are given the place of the Latin diagnosis. On descriptions without Latin diagnosis the indicated pages comprises the complete text of each taxon.

On all citations with complete given title, the place of publication is checked of completeness and correctness (the descriptions are available as copy).

On few citations its possible to found inconsistency in comparison to the Index Kewensis. These discrepancies found its reason in the not yet complete verification of the entries in the IK (e.g. Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Haw.) Haw.).

Abbreviated citations are not yet checked for not having access to the original publication. In this case, the abbreviation follows the rules for publications, given in "The International Plant Name Index". Numbers of volumes and pages are mentioned from the Handbook.

The names of authors of each taxon are checked according to the rules for authors in "The International Plant Name Index".



To all species that's written in bold letters are existing pictures, which you can enlarge by clicking.

For species without illustrations are two reasons indicated.

    "No plants known in cultivation." means that this species is not found as living plant in any collection.

    "No plants seen in cultivation." signify, that probably in a Botanic Garden or other plant collection can be found living material of this species, but the author does not know this material yet. In the same category are sorted a more or less great part of species without absolutely certain identification. To prevent more confusion, they are not illustrated.

To all illustrations are given the source of the photographed material. Further details to this data are given upon request.

If not otherwise indicated, all pictures are taken in the Kalanchoe-collection of the Botanical Garden Darmstadt.

I have tried to illustrate all important parts of each taxon. If possible, for this purpose I have used the same plant to demonstrate the development of this. In a vew cases I must make exceptions from this rule.

For pictures with bad quality I am asking for forbearance.

The author of this site holds the copyright of all pictures.